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  • ...mance Software Defined Radio (HPSDR)''' project develops "next generation" Software Defined Radios (SDR) for use by Radio Amateurs ("hams") and Short Wave List Please see the [[Hardware Introduction]] and [[HPSDR related software]] for a quick intro to what is needed for a complete system. See below for
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  • '''HPSDR related software''' consists of many programs and levels of software. Each board contains firmware for its particular chips, this is usualy written in [[Verilog]].
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  • If your goal is high performance software defined radio with a “roll your own” mentality, then the HPSDR modules Q. '''Will a Ozy-Janus-Atlas combination work with my PowerSDR software used for my Flex Radio SDR-1000 in place of a sound card in my PC?'''
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  • ...2.0 is also a requirement if you are going to use Ozy or Metis to program software updates into Mercury and Penelope. (Windows 7 already has Framework 3.5 or == PowerSDR Software Installation ==
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  • ...p://]. To access this software you will need to install and use a Subversion (SVN) client. There are sever
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  • Note that you'll need my OzyUtils-MacOS to load the Ozy firmware and such. You'll need to execute this by hand before you run ghpsdr. They [[Category:Software]]
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  • Just double-click the application. Heterodyne has a copy of the Ozy firmware built into the executable and will load Ozy automatically for you. There a [[Category:Software]]
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  • = HPSDR Firmware Loading = The Current version of the Firmware can be found on the Downloads section of the website is [http://openhpsdr.o
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