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PINOCCHIO - Extender Card

Pinocchio, Feb 2007

Update October 2006: TAPR is now stocking and selling Pinocchio.

Pinocchio is an extender card to allow measurements and troubleshooting of an active card in an ATLAS backplane. Test points are provided to allow access to every backplane signal, and the test points are located well above the standard module height. The test points are clearly labeled.

The schematic is available at . The PCB files are available at .

Pinocchio with Janus in the first production Atlas board. Feb. 2007

Builder's Notes

1) The connectors I used for the alpha build were purchased from Mouser. They are made by Harting and are RoHS compliant.

P1 Mouser p/n 617-09-03-196-6921 J1 Mouser p/n 617-09-73-296-6801

2) The silkscreened pinout for the female connector at the top of Pinocchio is opposite to the pin numbers marked on the connector. They are consistent with the Atlas numbering, and the connector is in fact correctly labeled to work as an extender. Ignore the markings on the physical connector and use the numbering scheme on the PCB silkscreen.

3) The connector used at J1 did not match the mounting hole spacing. It is only slightly off and usable. The PCB layout has been revised to reflect the spacings used on the connectors I purchased. The layout also has the TAPR and HPSDR logos on the silkscreen.

The project leader for the board is Lyle, KK7P


The written documentation now is available.

PINOCCHIO Documentation and Assembly Guide: