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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Your FPGA Code

Ok, I've head it mention of you putting a Wolfson chip in the board, actually I think the analog section aught to be a totally separate board with attention paid to every detail, and communicate back to the digital side by I2C. That way we are not stuck with any one A/D chip.

It's your board you do whatever you are comfortable with, the rest of us are just throwing ideas at you.


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> Leon, are you putting the op-amp circuit in the analog input to
> create a virtual ground and eliminate ground loop currents and
> voltages? That is the downfall of a lot of sound cards and causes the
> big hump of trash in the center of the passband. It would need to be
> adapted to the input stage to subtract the PC ground level from the
> signal.
> The last stage.
> < http://www.nitehawk.com/sm5bsz/linuxdsp/rxiq/antiali.htm >

That's a long way off for me. I need to get the FPGA module designed and
working first. 8-)

73, Leon

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