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W9KFB - Electronics Enthusiast

First licensed as a Novice in 1956 in Corning Iowa. Father, K0DVO, was a farmer in Western Iowa. Brother Roger, WB0DGF, worked for Hy Gain in Lincoln, NE and was Hy Gain's lead amateur antenna designer responsible for most of the antenna designs Hy Gain produced in the 1980s and 90s.

Turning Points in the Life of Ronald W. Cox

1948-1956 Prescott #7 (a one room school house in rural Adams County, Iowa)

1956-1960 Corning High School, Corning, Iowa (Course of Study - Vocational Agriculture)

1960-1964 Iowa State University, B.S. Electrical Engineering

1964-1978 Delco Radio Division of General Motors, Engineering Supervisor - Security Systems

1978-1982 GM Engineering Staff/Buick Motor Division, Systems Engineer assigned to the GM Emissions Control Project Center's Systems Engineering Group, GM Proving Grounds, Milford, MI

1982-1987 Delco Electronics Corporation, a Subsidiary of GM Hughes Electronics, Kokomo, IN, Manager - Advanced Body and Chassis Electronics - Electrical Architecture, Advanced Body and Chassis Electronics - Department Manager

1987-1990 Delco Systems Operations, Delco Electronics Corporation, Goleta, CA, Department Manager Automotive Electronics - Corvette Active Suspension Program, Department Manager Automotive Electronics - Indy Racing Electronics, Department Manager Automotive Electronics - ETAK Navigation Program, Department Manager Automotive Electronics - Software Development

1990-1994 Delco Electronics Corporation, a Subsidiary of GM Hughes Electronics, Kokomo, IN, Software Manager, Automotive Electronics

1994-1996 Delco Electronics Corporation, a Subsidiary of GM Hughes Electronics, Kokomo, IN, Process Owner - Custom Product Design, Business Process Engineering team

1997-2000 Delphi Automotive Systems, Kokomo, IN, Powertrain Electronics Systems and Software Manager

2001 Retired...


Cranbrook Senior Living, 5565 Yosemite Street, Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111

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