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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This is a new section started to allow asking and hopefully answering questions about HPSDR.

DOC - Documentation

Summary of current documentation available.

Quick Startup Guide

Documents to help users get HPSDR setup and working. Includes firmware upload instructions.

Support documentation

Documents for user interested in building boards can be found on the Support page.

Software links

Links to HPSDR software and resources can be found on the Resource page.

Links to the FPGA programming course by Kirk, KD7IRS -- see the Verilog page.

DOWNLOADS - Firmware and Software

Links to current firmware and software available.


This section contains information relative to "putting the pieces together".

A complete HPSDR transceiver

This page provides an example of how to build your own transceiver using HPSDR components and other available hardware and software. It concludes with test measurements that compare the finished transceiver to other commercially available high end transceivers.

The Antec P183 Solution

This page documents an example of how to build your own transceiver using HPSDR components and other available hardware and software in a traditional a mid-tower PC enclosure. This example system can accommodate all sizes of PC motherboards up to the standard ATX. The system design will also accommodate larger PC power supplies to power RF amplifiers in the 200 - 500 watt range. The large enclosure is configured to provide a HPSDR with maximum performance.

PowerSDR Keyboard Shortcut List

This page lists all the known PowerSDR keyboard shortcuts.

Individual Project Wiki Pages

Click on the NAME of the project to get to its page!

ALEXIARES - RF Preselector

Alexiares (or Alex for short) is a set of RF Bandpass filters for use with Mercury or any other SDR.

ANICETUS (Anie) - Preselector

A few designs for narrow band preselectors

ANTENNA SWITCH - by NT-Electronics

An antenna switch for use with Penelope and Mercury when Alex is not used, also has optional low Noise RX Amplifier for 6 meters

ATLAS - Backplane

The Atlas is a passive backplane that all other modules plug into.

CYCLOPS - Spectrum Analyzer

Cyclops is a 0-1 GHz spectrum analyzer with tracking generator support.

DEMETER - Power Supply

EPIMETHEUS - General Purpose I/O

Epi is a general purpose I/O board for the Atlas bus and includes relays, open collectors, IF switching, etc.

EXCALIBUR - Clock Reference board

GIBRALTAR - GPS-disciplined Frequency Standard

Gibraltar is a GPS-disciplined frequency standard board.

HELIOS - Helios Small Transmitting Loop Antenna and Controller

HERMES - A DUC/DDC Transceiver.

HORTON - Receiver Module

A receiver module integrating the Janus ADC with a QSD on a board for a version of the HPSDR RX board.


The Janus module is a very high performance, dual, full duplex, A/D and D/A converter board.

KISS Konsole - Learning SDR Console

The KISS Konsole is a software project to provide a straightforward, well-commented User Interface to Mercury and other modules.

LPU - Simple Linear Power Unit

The LPU unit takes power from a regulated power supply and steps it to the input needed by Atlas

MAGISTER - USB 2.0 to Atlas Bus Interface

The Magister module is an alternative to OZY.

MERCURY - 0-55 MHz Direct Sampling Receiver

Perhaps the most exciting of all modules, Mercury will enable direct sampling of the 0-55 MHz spectrum.

ODYSSEY - Low Power Handheld SDR

Odyssey includes a low power SDR based on the QSD, QSE, and a dsPIC33 as the basic radio core.

OZY - HPSDR Host Interface & Control

The OZY module is an FPGA based interface controller card providing input and output connections to the real world.

OZYII - (AussieII) - A high speed PC interface.

PANDORA - Enclosure

PENELOPE - Companion Exciter to Mercury

A 1/2 watt DUC(k).

PENNYWHISTLE - 20 Watt RF Power Ampilfier

The PennyWhistle takes the RF out put of Penelope and ampilifes it to approximately 20 watts.

PHOENIX - QSD/QSE Receiver/Transmitter Module

QSD based HF Receiver, a QSE based HF Exciter and a supporting synthesizer.

PINOCCHIO - Extender Card

Pinocchio is an extender card to allow measurements and troubleshooting of an active card in an ATLAS backplane.

PROTEUS - Prototyping Board

This is the planned prototyping board.

SASQUATCH - DSP back-end

The Sasquatch board is a hardware DSP back-end intended for use by constructors who would like to operate stand-alone rather than attached to a PC.

THOR - High Efficiency HF Power Amplifier

Thor is a high efficiency HF power amplifier using Envelope Elimination and Restoration (ERR) techniques.

Board Designer's Resources

ANCILLARY - Additional "stuff" of interest to HPSDR

Some stuff like Norton Amplifier, FPGA VHDL/Verilog ...

EXPERIMENTERS-CORNER - Ideas not yet projects

ADMINISTRATION-NEWS - Messages about HPSDR web, wiki, discussion list