High Performance Software Defined Radio

An Open Source Design


License NCL
Author Scotty, WA2DFI
Available in kit form from TAPR.


April 23, 2009 TAPR starts taking orders on LPU.

December 26, 2008 Alpha boards completed and in testing.

October 27, 2008 A simple linear power supply proposed for fast production.

LPU - Linear Power Unit

About LPU

"LPU" is the project-name for a simple HPSDR power supply. Although power supplies are widely available, the LPU will provide a convenient low-noise solution until the more complex Demeter power supply is completed. The LPU (as well as Demeter) are specifically designed for the HPSDR project. With the approaching release of Mercury, this is the last hardware part of a basic functional HPSDR transceiver.

The LPU will not take the place of Demeter; it is intended as an interim solution to power HPSDR boards until Demeter is completed.

The project leader for LPU is Scotty, WA2DFI.

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Our HPSDR Wiki will contain the latest news, links, files, etc. for LPU. Here is the direct link to the HPSDR Wiki: LPU

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Here is the direct link to the LPU Documents:

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