High Performance Software Defined Radio

An Open Source Design


License NCL
Author Richard, VK6BRO
Alpha board testing


November 16, 2008: Testing begins. A picture of the new board both the webpage and the wiki.

August 4, 2006: Wiki link added.

Phoenix - QSD/QSE Receiver/Transmitter Module

Phoenix Bird

About the Phoenix Module

The Phoenix PCB contains a QSD based HF Receiver, a QSE based HF Exciter and a supporting synthesizer.

The variant of Phoenix was designed by Richard, VK6BRO, Al N0TVJ assisted in the kitting of the alpha boards. The project was proposed and first designed by Ray, WB6TPU

Link to Wiki

A variant of the original Phoenix idea has been produced by Richard VK6BRO. This is based in the original concept by Ray, WB6TPU, and includes a QSD based receiver, QSE based exciter and AD9912 DDS local oscillator.

A number of Alpha builders are currently constructing boards; these include Al, N0TVJ, Bill, KD5TFD, Kevin, M0KHZ and Phil, VK6APH.

The builders are indebted to VK6BRO for donating the PCBs and in particular N0TVJ for the donation of components and the fantastic job he did of kitting them. More detail about the Phoenix project can be found on teh Wiki PHOENIX

Phoenix picture