High Performance Software Defined Radio

An Open Source Design


License NCL
Author Kjell, LA2NI


September 29, 2012 Kjell, LA2NI is the new project leader of Munin.

Munin - Munin is a 100W HF power amplifier for Penelope and/or Hermes. This amplifier is dependent on the Alex LP filters

About Munin

The 100W PA uses a pair of RD100HHF1 in the output. They are driven by a pair of RD15HVF1 and there is also a predriver with one RD06HVF1 to get higher gain to be used with low power exciters. I have built 1 Alpha unit and it works very fine. The PEP output with -30dB 3.rd order IM is >90W on all bands from 1,5 to 55 MHz. The gain is within +- 2dB for the same frequency band. -- please see the HPSDRwiki at link below for current details.

The project leader for Munin is Kjell, LA2NI.

Link to Wiki

Our HPSDR Wiki will contain the latest news, links, files, etc. for Munin. Here is the direct link to the HPSDR Wiki: MUNIN