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License NCL
Author Lyle, KK7P
in built and PCB form from TAPR


Janus - the A/D and D/A module

Janus picture

About the Janus Module

The Janus module is a very high performance, dual, full duplex, A/D and D/A converter board. While the M-Audio Delta 44 has become the de-facto standard for A/D sound cards for use with a SDR, there are a number of advantages to rolling your own. These include having complete control of any software drivers needed to communicate with the A/D chips as well as optimization of sampling rates and bit depths for individual signals. It's also possible to cost effectively develop a board which approaches the performance of professional high end sound cards.

The consumer demand for high quality PC sound cards has resulted in the availability of a number of very high performance, and low cost, A/D and D/A converter chips that are ideal candidates for this project.

It should be emphasized that Janus is NOT a "sound card" per se. It will not plug into a PC and substitute for a sound card like the M-Audio Delta 44. However, paired with the Ozy board and with proper software, it can act like a very high performance sound card external to the PC.

The project leaders for the board are Bill KD5TFD and Phil VK6APH.

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Our HPSDR Wiki will contain the latest news, links, files, etc. for Janus. Here is the direct link to the HPSDR Wiki: JANUS

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Second Alpha Prototype:

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