High Performance Software Defined Radio

An Open Source Design


License OHL
Author Phil, VK6APH
Available from TAPR

Commercial vendors Gerd, DJ8AY (g.loch@nt-electronics.de) EU-Mercury


January 19, 2012 TAPR (tapr.org) and iQuadlabs (iquadlabs.com) jointly announce a sourcing agreement for the openHPSDR (openHPSDR.org) boards Magister, Mercury and Pennylane. See TAPR

September 19, 2010 Mercury is released as Open Hardware License!

October 16, 2008 Mercury order webpage open at TAPR!

September 27, 2008 Mercury alpha 3 board displayed at Digital Communication Conferences, Chicago, IL USA

May 17, 2008 Mercury alpha2 displayed at Dayton Hamvention

March 8, 2007 Initial Mercury information added.

Mercury - a direct sampling front end

Mercury picture

About the Mercury Module

Perhaps the most exciting of all the modules, the Mercury module that enables direct sampling of the 0-65 MHz spectrum. Based on a Linear Technology LTC2208 130MSPS 16-bit A/D converter, the board contains it's own FPGA to undertake Digital Down Conversion (DDC) to 250 kSPS or less for transfer over the Atlas bus to the USB interface on the OZY board.

The project leader for the Mercury module is Phil, VK6APH.

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Our HPSDR Wiki will contain the latest news, links, files, etc. for Mercury. Here is the direct link to the HPSDR Wiki: MERCURY

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Here is the direct link to the Mercury Documents:

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