High Performance Software Defined Radio

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January 19, 2012 TAPR (tapr.org) and iQuadlabs (iquadlabs.com) jointly announce a sourcing agreement for the openHPSDR (openHPSDR.org) boards Magister, Mercury and Pennylane.

April 15, 2011 New US vendor iQuadLabs.com to make HPSDR boards.

May 16, 2009 Added links to known commerical vendors of HPSDR boards.

October 30, 2007 Added link to shirt logo

August 24, 2007 General revision

Manufacturer's Links

Please report any broken links or any which should be added to webmaster: kv0s "at" openhpsdr "dot" org.

Commercial vendors of HPSDR boards

In an effort to help people find HPSDR boards after initial development, here is a list of known vendors and the boards they will produce. Additional vendors that would like to be listed here please contact the website manager.

iQuadLabs and TAPR Reach Distribution Agreement

19 January, 2012 (Tempe, AZ and Richardson, TX) – TAPR (tapr.org) and iQuadlabs (iquadlabs.com) jointly announce a sourcing agreement for the openHPSDR (openHPSDR.org) boards Magister, Mercury and Pennylane. Under the new agreement, TAPR will acquire inventory from iQuadLabs, creating a one-stop source for all openHPSDR boards. In addition, iQuadLabs will acquire inventory from TAPR to build pre-configured and tested complete openHPSDR systems. Zephyr Engineering, Inc will continue to manufacture the assembled boards, maintaining the high quality standards already established in all previous builds.

This is good news for the openHPSDR community. TAPR will have all openHPSDR boards in stock, in one place, for those wishing to buy boards, kits and components. And, for the first time in the history of openHPSDR, those who wish to by a completely assembled and tested radio will have a source at iQuadLabs.

www.tapr.org (http://www.tapr.org/hpsdr_index.html)
Alex Bandpass filters
Atlas Backplane
Excalibur Reference Oscillator
Janus Audio Converter
LPU Power Supply
Magister USB Interface
Mercury RX Module
Metis Ethernet Interface
Pandora Enclosure
PennyLane TX Module
PennyWhistle PA
Pinocchio Extender Board
iQuadLabs.com (http://iQuadLabs.com)
Complete systems
Apache Labs (https://apache-labs.com/index.php)
Commercial vender in India selling radios base on Hermes architecture
Apache Labs
Callsign Software (http://www.callsignsoftware.com/)
HamStationUltra (works with PowerSDR and many none SDR radios)

Xylo and Saxo Information Page:
http://www.knjn.com/ShopBoards.html (order info)

Flex-Radio Discussion List (Reflector) for SDR-1000, Flex-5000:

FlexRadio Systems Website:

Altera Website:
Data Sheet (PDF) http://www.altera.com/literature/hb/cyc/cyc_c5v1_01.pdf

Altera Quartus II info:

Cypress FX2, USB-2:
Data Sheet (PDF) http://rocky.digikey.com/WebLib/Cypress/Web%20Data/CY7C68013.pdf
Data Sheet (PDF) http://www.keil.com/dd/docs/datashts/cypress/cy7c68xxx_ds.pdf
Technical Reference Manual (PDF) http://www.keil.com/dd/docs/datashts/cypress/fx2_trm.pdf

USB-2 Specifications:

TI Chips:
PCM4202 adc general info http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/pcm4202.html
PCM4202 Data Sheet http://www-s.ti.com/sc/ds/pcm4202.pdf
TLV320AIC23B codec general info http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/tlv320aic23b.html
TLV320AIC23B Data Sheet http://www-s.ti.com/sc/ds/tlv320aic23b.pdf

Cirrus CS5381:
CS5381 information http://www.cirrus.com/en/products/pro/detail/P1024.html
CS5381 Product Bulletin http://www.cirrus.com/en/pubs/proBulletin/CS5381_ProdBull.pdf
CS5381 Data Sheet http://www.cirrus.com/en/pubs/proDatasheet/CS5381_F2.pdf
CS5381 Reference Design http://www.cirrus.com/en/pubs/rdDatasheet/CRD5381_RD1.pdf

Linear Technology LTC2208:
LTC2208 Data Sheet http://www.linear.com/pc/downloadDocument.do?navId=H0,C1,C1155,C1001,C1150,P13693,D9659
LTC High Speed Low Power ADC Family http://www.linear.com/designtools/hsadcs.jsp

Xilinx Website http://www.xilinx.com/

Kicad - open source (GPL) circuit drawing/pcb layout software: