High Performance Software Defined Radio

An Open Source Design


License OHL
Author Phil, VK6APH, Lyle KK7P
Sold-out in all forms from TAPR
Commercial vendors Gerd, DJ8AY (g.loch@nt-electronics.de)
Ron, W9KFB (w9kfb1@mac.com), US reseller of Gerd's boards

iQuadLabs.com sell a cwPennylane.


June 15, 2011 iQuadLabs.com is open selling Pennylane.

April 15, 2011 New US vendor to sell pennylane a Penelope replacement. iQuadLabs.com

October 6, 2008 The first production of the penelope boards sell out.

Penelope - HF 1/2-watt Exciter === Pennylane - HF 1/2-watt Exciter

Penelope picture

About the Penelope Module

Penelope (DUCk) 1/2-watt transmitter/exciter board is a good companion to the Mercury HF direct sampling receiver board.

The Atlas (bus) compatible Penelope transmitter uses Digital Up Conversion (DUC) techniques and process the I and Q signal from the PC (or Sasquatch DSP board) directly without the need for a sound card.

Pennylane is a Penelope update with the only difference how the output power is controled. Pennylane is idential to the transmitter on the Hermes board.

The project leader for the board is Phil VK6APH with KK7P doing the PCB layout.

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Our HPSDR Wiki will contain the latest news, links, files, etc. for Penelope. Here is the direct link to the HPSDR Wiki: PENELOPE

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